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  • Access to the Center’s capabilities and expertise such as electromechanical design, rapid prototyping, imaging, regulatory and clinical affairs.
  • Business development and market analysis, coaching and mentorship.
  • Networking and access to the Center’s community.

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Neurosoft Bioelectronics

Neural implants can be used to diagnose and treat neurological disorders like epilepsy and tinnitus. This is done by electrically recording and stimulating the brain, the spinal cord, or the peripheral nerves. However, the long-term success of current neural interfaces is limited by the mechanical mismatch between stiff electronics and soft living tissues. Neurosoft Bioelectronics has introduced a new class of neural implants made of soft and elastic materials that seamlessly interface with the nervous system, promoting the long-term bio-integration of the devices in the body. 

The Wyss Center is working with the Neurosoft Bioelectronics team to help validate their electrodes for use in humans and drive eventual commercialization. Through this partnership the Neurosoft team has received support to perform technical de-risking by testing the safety and performance of the devices, as well as establishing a medical grade manufacturing facility and implementing a quality management system. This work will lead to a first-in-human clinical trial with local hospitals and eventually commercialization.


Active medical implants, such as cardiac pacemakers and neural monitoring or stimulation devices, contain sensitive electronics that must be protected from the warm, wet environment of the human body. Although electronics have become smaller in recent years, this is not the case for active implant housings which still have relatively large volumes.

Coat-X has developed a new thin-film encapsulation technology which has been successfully used in a variety of medical devices and has the potential to be applied in many other sectors, including active implants. The flexible coating conforms to the shape of the electronics, encasing them directly in a leakproof, biocompatible envelope.

The Wyss Center is working in partnership with Coat-X to validate the use of the technology in active implants. The long-term performance of the coating technology in the human body will be verified in the custom-built accelerated aging system at the Wyss Center.

The team will develop and coat prototype devices with several variations of the encapsulation technology and then will subject them to high temperatures and humidity to accelerate their aging. Electronic tags built into the devices will wirelessly send updates on the internal status of the electronics, continuously assessing the hermeticity of the new coating and giving valuable information on its performance and reliability in the body.

Successful verification of the long-term performance of the technology will pave the way for miniaturized medical implants that integrate more easily with the human body.

If you are an entrepreneur working in neurobiology, neuroimaging or neurotechnology, and would like to spend time working alongside the Wyss Center team, get in touch. 

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