Medtech cleanroom

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Advanced micro and nanofabrication

Our medtech cleanroom is a 400 m2 ISO 7 micro and nanofabrication facility with a wide range of fabrication and characterization equipment to enable research and development in wearable and implantable neurotechnologies.

The facilities include laser micromachining for diverse materials processing and a nanomaterials lab. For device packaging and hybridization, there is a suite of backend equipment available for wirebonding, ‘pick and place’, physical testing, ageing and sterilization. Cleanroom staff design and optimize innovative process flows.

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The facility includes state-of-the-art equipment for:

  • Photolithography with mask and maskless aligners and semi-automated coater and developer units
  • Deposition with co-focal sputtering
  • Plasma etching for thin metal films (Pt, Ti), oxides, silicium, plastics and silicone and microwave and RF strippers
  • Advanced microscopy with a Hitachi variable pressure Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for conductive, non-conductive and biological specimens and conventional Nikon microscopes
  • Metrology with an optical and a mechanical profiler
  • Laser cutting with high definition Optec femtosecond laser equipment
  • A dedicated area for silicon / PDMS process with appropriate equipment 


Neurosoft flexible electrodes, LSBI

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