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Anthony Guillet, MEng

Process Engineer
Anthony Guillet
Anthony brings experience in the fabrication of microelectromechanical systems for a broad range of applications including microfluidic, optical and neuro devices.

Anthony Guillet joined the Wyss Center as a Process Engineer in December 2015. He worked on development and opening of the Wyss Center's cleanroom and transition from EPFL to Campus Biotech. He is now involved into reviewing microfabrication reviewing, development of experimental processes, feasibility checks of study protocols and guiding users through their fabrication. He is also developing new processes and new tools to adapt classic microfabrication methods for bio and neuro devices.

Anthony was previously a Process Engineer at CSEM where he worked on the fabrication of microelectromechanical system (MEMs) prototypes for a broad range of applications including microfluidic and optical devices.

He also worked at the CMi technological platform, an ISO 5 cleanroom at EPFL which is open to numerous labs and professionals in the MEMs industry, where he trained users on several pieces of equipment used in microfabrication.

Neurosoft flexible electrodes, LSBI


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